BIMRAD presents its compliments and congratulations to the Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Aurangzeb Chowdhury, NBP, OSP, BCGM, BCGMS, PCGM, ndc, psc for being the Chief Patron of BIMRAD from the day January 26, 2019. *** BIMRAD congratulates and welcome Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed, NBP, OSP, BCGM, ndc, psc (retd) for becoming the Chairman of BIMRAD from January 26, 2019 as well. *** The Analyst of Center for Naval Analyses(CNA), USA, Ms NILANTHI SAMARANAYAKE had a meeting with DG BIMRAD on 20 Jan 2019 at BIMRAD office. DA, & ADA, USA at Bangladesh were also present at the meeting. ***


    The objectives of the Institute are as follows:

    * To develop awareness among the stakeholders in maritime sector, academicians and policy makers on importance of ocean and ocean related activities for development of the country.

    * To study in depth and propose policy inputs for policy formulation on maritime strategy for the country including matters related to maritime governance.

    * Conduct study and research in the area of maritime interests across the entire spectrum of ocean activity, maritime infrastructure, ship building, sea trade, fishing, energy, offshore and sea-bed resources, environment and laws of the sea.

    * To promote education and training on ocean and utilization of this knowledge for protection of marine environment.

    * To promote study and explore ocean resources on a sustainable yield basis for the perpetual economic welfare of the country.

    * Study and evaluate factors affecting maritime security and suggest policy options in the formulation of national security.

    * Promote awareness and create public debate on the importance of maritime potential of the country.

    * Encourage young talents for study on ocean related subjects and engage in research on maritime issues.

    * Study maritime heritage of the country with the objective of disseminating knowledge of such history.

    * Associate with government departments, educational institutions, similar research bodies and other stakeholders with similar or allied aims.

    * Maintain a library to facilitate study of maritime issues and provide for publication of newsletters, research papers, books and journals on maritime affairs.

    * Focus on the generation and enhancement of the knowledge base leading to the exploitation of the sea for economic and security purpose.

    * Support basic research on maritime field that will generate new knowledge potentially useful to the navy.

    * Train young mind to generate and apply knowledge for naval purposes.

    * Study concurrent development of equipment and vessels in naval field leading to find out policy options for BN.

    * Study river, inland water transportation and development of river ports.

    * Study hydrology for the best use of water bodies of the country.